How to Protect Your Trees from Wind and Storm Damage

Here in the Pacific Northwest, wind and rain is a common appearance. Preparing your trees to last through these unpredictable storms is critical to ensuring their health and long life. Here are 3 specific ways strong storms can damage or cause disease in your trees. Visit skagit emergency tree removal to get help with storm damaged trees.


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1. Stem failure

Stem, or trunk failure, occurs when the tree has experienced too much damage over time. Damage can occur in the form of decay, pest invasion, or deep cuts into the tree’s living tissue. Instead of healing these wounds, trees grow over them and seal them off, leaving a weak spot in the stem. These weak spots cause the stem to fail when severe wind and rain occurs in storm conditions.


2. Root Failure

Root failure occurs mainly in the roots that extend from center or middle of the tree. If these roots are damaged, diseased, or constrained during the tree’s growth, they will not be able to sufficiently support the tree. Root failure can also occur if the rest of the tree is not properly maintained, causing the tree to grow to a size that the roots cannot support. Roots that are damaged or weak will ultimately allow the tree to lean or fall.


3. Branch Failure

Branch failure occurs when a branch is poorly attached to the main stem, or trunk. The branch collar is the part of the branch that supports the weight of the limb extending from the tree. In severe weather conditions like heavy rain or wind, the added and unexpected stress on the branch collar can cause it to snap. These exposed areas can then lead to further decay and pest infestation within the tree.

In order to prevent serious storm damage, it is important that your trees be properly cared for to maintain their inherent strength and natural beauty. Here are 3 specific ways you can care for your trees to protect them from wind damage in Skagit County.


1. Monitor Conditions

One of the best ways to protect your trees from storm damage is to monitor the tree’s health. This will help to catch tree wounds or decay before it can become a serious problem. Regular check ups on your trees can help you to see where damage could occur afford you the opportunity to arrange for proper pruning and restoration from a tree care provider in Skagit County.


2. Maintain Health

Proper watering and fertilization can help keep your tree healthy and strong. If pests or growth problems are not addressed, structural damage and severe decay can occur due to local diseases and insects.

Regular pruning can help to correct damaged areas and remove extensive damage. Proper pruning techniques and safety are always important, and improper pruning can actually cause further problems. It is highly recommended that a skilled arborist be located who can expertly and efficiently care for your trees.


3. Skilled Assistance

Repairing the damage and addressing your tree’s needs can be a complicated process. With the assistance of a tree service agency, a thorough analysis of the tree can be performed and solutions identified. At Precision Tree Services, our skilled and professional team can help to identify the condition and needs of your tree, and perform the necessary pruning and repair to ensure its strength and health through many future storms.